Greetings! Welcome to the New Moon Idea Company

The New Moon Idea Company is a center for the arts located in western Massachusetts.  It is a place to view some of the art work of Jimmy Ilson and allow artists to share new ideas.  On this page is a slide show of Jimmy’s recent works.

Zero Class

I am working on a plan to have one of my Art Classes spend an entire semester using only re-cycled or re-used materials. I am going to call it my “Zero Class”.  I imagine we will be taking advantage of all the “recycled” paper bins in the school and foraging for brown paper and cardboard. If you’re interested in sharing ideas on this project …  contact me at the “contact tab” above.

How Do You Say Goodbye

As you look through this site make sure to view the article, in the tab “In the News”, about a project I did with former students at Easthampton High School.  In the months I will include on this site a video of the “How Do You Say Goodbye Project”.  Stay tuned.