This is the web site for Jimmy Ilson and new moon idea company.

Jimmy Ilson was born in New York City.  He credits staring at the Guernica in the Museum of Modern Art, as often as possible, as one of the most formative aspects of his artistic life.  He is proud to be a Badger, an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he received a BFA in painting. Jimmy also lived in San Francisco, during the most seismic active period in the last century, where he earned an MFA in Printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute.  He presently teaches art and tai chi in the Pioneer Valley. His most recent charcoal drawings, assemblages, and sculptures are visual paradoxes that reflect the nature of Taoist philosophy.

IMG_0554                                               Future Virtues (2015)   Mixed  Media

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  1. ann&paolo says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing!

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